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 Professional Quality Products Offered by AbsoClean Carpet Cleaning
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Air Fresh Tangerine

Air Fresh Tangerine-If you are love the smell of fresh tangerines you’re going to love this product!  Just add to your cleaning solution to freshen & enhance your cleaning process. ($5.99)


Bruce's GSR

Bruce’s GSR- You have to see it to believe it! Bruce’s GSR removes hard water spots, mineral deposits, soap scum & stains from your shower doors, tile, porcelain, chrome, fixtures, and much more! ($5.95)



Clean Pro -- cleans and polishes

Clean Pro- “Clean Pro” hard surface cleaner, CLEANS, POLISHES, and LEAVES an  INVISIBLE PROTECTIVE SHIELD that reduces WATER SPOTS and STAINING! ($6.95)


Spot Pro stain remover Spot Pro- “Spot Pro” is just the ticket for removal of spots & stains when they happen.  “Spot Pro” is also ideal for cleaning small areas between professional cleaning.  “Spot Pro” needs no rinsing because it leaves no sticky residue to attract soil. ($6.95)  



Stain 1 -- amazing stain remover

Stain 1- The most AMAZING product you cannot buy in the stores. Stain 1 is the everything Spot & Stain remover. Pet stains, coffee, tea, urine, juice, vomit, blood, plant stains, & more….. Just spray & walk away!!  It’s Like Magic! ($18.95)


Stain Magic -- remove pet and organic stains Stain Magic- How to remove Pet Stains, 100% GUARANTEED!! Use Stain Magic to remove Organic Stains in between your cleanings! ($24.00)